Labor Day Mattress Sales: The Best Labor Day Mattress Deal of 2020

The end-of-summer holiday is known for barbecues and a lazy three-day weekend. But with it comes one of the biggest deals in retail. We’re talking, of course, about major mattress discounts.

If you’re in the market for a new bed, this is one of the best times to look. Summer’s last hurrah is one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year. It’s also the last time to score a great deal before Black Friday.

This year you can expect to see tons of fantastic promotions. In fact, the sheer number of markdowns can be a little overwhelming. We’re making it easier by comparing the best deals from major retailers all in one place. Take it easy this Labor Day, and use our shopping guide to get a head start.

Best Labor Day Mattress Sales of 2020

  • Amerisleep AS3 — Amerisleep’s most popular mattress, the Amerisleep AS3 is $200 off for their Labor Day sale! The AS3 uses eco-friendly, pressure-relieving foam and clinically-proven back support technology to help you sleep better. Plus, the AS3 comes with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.
  • Zoma Mattress – Using a zoned support layer with a firmer midsection, which helps keep your spine properly aligned, the Zoma mattress is a comfortable and supportive option that is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

Keep reading to learn more about the deals different retailers and mattress brands are offering this holiday. After learning about the different promotions available to you, you can weigh your options and choose the one best suited for your sleep needs and budget. As more updated information is released about upcoming Labor Day sales, we’ll be updating this post; so be sure to check back often for the most up-to-date details! With a little research, you can certainly find the most comfortable mattress available this holiday weekend.

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll find markdowns galore over the holiday weekend. But before we get into the detailed comparisons, let’s highlight our recommendations of the season.

The Best Labor Day Mattress Sales of 2020

Amerisleep AS3The most comfortable & affordable mattress with the best reviews.
$1199Buy Now
zomaZomaZoned support foam with a firmer midsection for proper hip/spine alignment.
Avocado GreenTop-rated latex hybrid with all-natural latex & bouncy innerspring coils.
NolahFeatures innovative Nolah AirFoam, designed to relieve pressure 4x better.
BearDesigned to help athletes sleep better & recover quicker.
Original Purple"No-Pressure" mattress featuring Purple's innovative Smart Comfort Grid™ to offer exceptional pain relief.

A Brand with Great Labor Day Mattress Sales: Amerisleep

Amerisleep is our favorite mattress

Amerisleep is offering $200 of their mattresses and 25% off accessory items this Labor Day weekend. You can score this deal by entering the promo code LD200 upon checkout. With a 100 day trial period and a 20-year guarantee, it’s no surprise that this model has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of all brands.

Thinking about getting a memory foam bed? We’d recommend starting your search with Amerisleep. Amerisleep makes and sells five different memory foam mattresses; each of their models range in firmness and are recommended for certain sleep styles. To date, Amerisleep’s products have racked up more than 14,000 verified reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars.

Because Amerisleep sells direct-to-consumer, they can sell their luxury beds at a competitive price. Plus, during Labor Day weekend, they’re offering an additional $200 off their beds and 25% off accessory items.

Amerisleep Labor Day Deals

Amerisleep AS2 – Best Mattress for Back Pain

amerisleep as2 The AS2 is Amerisleep’s medium-firm mattress recommended for back sleepers. Plus, it’s their best mattress for back pain relief. In fact, Business Insider recently featured the AS2 as their recommended mattress for back pain, too. Like the AS1, the AS2 has a soft, breathable cover to promote sound sleep.

The first layer of the AS2 is 2 inches of Bio-Pur®, this cradles your body and cushions pressure points. Unlike the AS1, the AS2 features a 3-inch layer of zoned support. In the AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5, Amerisleep includes their HIVE® support technology. HIVE® is clinically proven to reduce pressure points by 49%, and it plays a big role in pain relief and prevention.

HIVE® technology contains five comfort and support zones. In your hips and shoulders, HIVE® feels softer and allows for deeper compression in the mattress. On the other hand, this layer feels firmer under your feet, torso, and neck, to promote a healthy spine. This design helps reduce pressure points and prevent chronic pains.

The last layer of the AS2 is 7 inches of Bio-Core®.

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Amerisleep AS3 – Best Overall Mattress

as3 best mattress of 2020Amerisleep’s AS3 is their most popular mattress model and is designed to be compatible with the majority of sleepers. The AS3 has a medium feel and can adapt comfortably to most body types— making it great for couples with different sleep styles or sleepers who aren’t sure whether they need a firm or soft bed. As a medium, the AS3 is designed to offer an even balance of comfort and support, so it shouldn’t be too soft or too firm.

The AS3 has a lightweight cover and 3 inches of Bio-Pur®. Below the layer of Bio-Pur® is 2 inches of HIVE® technology to promote healthy sleeping positions and reduce pain points. The base of the AS3 is 7 inches of Bio-Core® for additional support.

The AS3 was recently featured in Allure as one of the best mattresses you can buy online.

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Amerisleep AS5 – Best Soft Mattress

as5Amerisleep’s AS5 is designed to be a soft mattress that doesn’t skimp on support.

Amerisleep’s AS5 has all the core components of the AS3: 3 inches of Bio-Pur®, 2 inches of HIVE®, and 7 inches of Bio-Core®. However, this bed contains an extra layer of a material called Active Flex, a latex-like material. Latex is a bouncy, responsive material, so it keeps you lifted in the mattress. In the AS5, Amerisleep incorporates 2 inches of responsive Active Flex directly below their layer of Bio-Pur®. This gives the mattress a nice mixture of comfort and support.

Another important perk? Amerisleep offers a risk-free 100-night sleep trial with each of their beds, so you have the chance to test it out in your home and decide if it’s a fit for you. If you’re not completely satisfied, you have the option to exchange your bed for a different model or return it for a full refund. The return and exchange process is simple, too. After you reach out to Amerisleep to let them know you’d like to return or exchange, they’ll arrange for your mattress to be picked up from your home and either donated locally or recycled responsibly.

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The Best Mattress for an Active Lifestyle

The Zoma Sports Mattress

The Zoma mattress aims to improve your daily performance by helping you sleep through the night. The better we sleep, the more we recover.

The cover on the Zoma mattress is a polyester blend that uses elastane, an elastic material, to help create air channels and promote breathability.

The first layer is two inches of breathable, gel-infused memory foam. Zoma uses gel-infused memory foam to 1) promote a cool sleeping surface and 2) provide the pressure-relieving abilities of memory foam. With a low ILD and a medium-density, this layer is designed to be soft, conforming, and breathable.

The first layer also uses Triangulex™ material. Simply put: the foam layer is solid in the midsection, giving extra support to where most of your body weight is, and then is segmented off into triangle-shaped cutouts at the shoulders and legs. This helps your body get a good mixture of comfort (contouring triangle cutouts) and support (a solid, sturdy midsection of foam). These cutouts also promote breathability in your mattress, reducing the risk of sleeping on a surface that traps heat.

The second layer is two inches of highly-responsive foam called Reactiv™. Unlike the memory foam layer, Reactiv™ is best described as “latex-like” due to its bouncy nature. A higher-density foam than the first layer, the Reactiv™ material provides support, comfort, and responsiveness, serving as a transition layer between the soft, conforming top layer and the firm base layer.

The third layer is seven inches of a durable core called Support+. The core of a mattress is vital to the support and comfort of the bed. It supports the top two layers, which in turn support your body throughout the night.

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Looking for more? All of the beds listed below have above-average quality specifications. They’ve also earned good mattress reviews and offer decent sleep trials and warranties.

Budget Recommendations

  • Zoma Sports Mattress from, $750 in a queen size
  • Amerisleep AS1 Mattress from, $999 in a queen size
  • The original Tuft & Needle, available in select stores and on, is $595 in a queen size.

As with other holidays, retailers and department stores advertise big deals and discounts on beds. But you might see better promos this weekend compared to Memorial Day or July 4th. So if you waited all summer to shop, you’ll likely win out big time.

We’re sure to come across some key trends during this year’s event. Customers can expect to find things like:

  • Freebies including complimentary box springs, pillows, and sheets.
  • Gift cards, especially ones earned via mail-in rebates.
  • Financing offers, so you can pay less up front.
  • Instant discounts to help you save big.

These markdowns and promos are most common among traditional spring mattresses. But more and more stores are running deals for memory foam and latex models too. You can also find price cuts on adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses.

In short? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s bound to be a sale. All you have to do is see what’s out there. Check out what brands offer the best value for you—and you’ll find your perfect match.

2020 Labor Day Mattress Sales by Store

a list of every labor day mattress saleWe’ve shared our recommendations with you. But every shopper is different. What works for one sleeper might not be the right fit for someone else. That’s why it’s important to see what all the brands are offering. There’s something out there in every price range and category. And you don’t want to miss out.

This year Labor Day falls on Monday, September 3rd. The majority of promo ads will roll out the week before. Expect prices to drop as early as Friday and stay low through Monday or beyond.

We’ve added the info we’ve been able to find so far. But keep checking in. Brands will announce more steals as the holiday gets closer. So we’ll be updating this page regularly with new info. Remember, this information is subject to change.

Read on to see deals organized by retailer. Then compare the best offers sorted by price range to find the best fit for you.


Online at from 8/29 – 9/4.

  • $200 off any plant-based memory foam mattress with code “LD200.” Includes free shipping and free returns.


Online at from 8/29 – 9/4.

  • $100 of the Zoma Sports mattress. Includes free shipping and free returns.


Online at and in stores, from 8/29 – 9/4.

  • Free adjustable base with luxury mattress purchase. Adjustable base model not disclosed.

Mattress Firm

Online at and in stores through 9/5.

  • 26 models under $600 in queen.
  • King for the price of a Queen or Queen for the price of a Twin or Free Adjustable base with $599+ mattress purchase

Comparing 2020 Labor Day Mattress Sale Recommendations

compare prices to find a great labor day mattress deal

Clearly, oodles of discounts are popping up for the holiday weekend. Not every promo and price cut is as good as it sounds though. Some brands bring better values than others. Knowing how to spot a great one can help you save more.

But many shoppers simply don’t have the time to scan dozens of ads and research every bed. Others might feel intimidated by showrooms and the shopping process. Don’t let those concerns get you down. We’ve researched each promo event in-depth to bring you detailed specs and product facts. So you have the info you need to make a smart comparison.

Here’s a look at some of the price cuts we’ve found so far. Remember to bookmark this page and check back often. This page will be updated frequently.

Sales Comparisons Made Simple

We get it. You don’t want to spend hours researching the best bed options. (Especially over a holiday weekend.) So we’ve sorted the deals into two categories for faster reference.

You can find separate groups for budget mattress deals (under $1,500) and higher-end mattress deals (over $1,500). No matter your desired price point, you’ll be sure to find a match over the holiday weekend.

Our goal is to keep things as simple as possible. So we’ve included specs on the chart for fast reference. You’ll find details on key factors like support cores, springs, and foam layers. (Depending on the mattress type you choose.) Note that not all brands share this detailed information. You’ll see a “?” whenever that’s the case.

Some more important details you’ll find:

  • Sale prices based on queen size beds.
  • The retailer offering the deal.
  • Return information. This includes how long a retailer gives you to make a return or exchange.
  • Warranty information. This includes the total years covered. (Many are prorated, so always check the fine print before buying.)

Best Labor Day Mattress Sales on a Budget

Information on sales can come from a variety of sources. Think advertisements, press releases, news sources, retailer websites, and social media. We worked to verify all the details as best we could. However they could be subject to change.

As for details and specs on the beds themselves? We pulled this information from a few different places. These include manufacturer websites, retailer websites, and some third party websites. Remember that some manufacturers don’t provide detailed spec information. So we only included the numbers we could locate and verify. Also, “memory foam” gets abbreviated to “MF.”

Mattress Deals Under $1,500


Amerisleep's AS1Two inches of pressure-relieving foam and a very firm core.

Amerisleep's AS2Two inches of pressure-relieving foam and a zoned support layer.
$1099Buy Now

Amerisleep AS3Three inches of pressure-relieving foam and a zoned support layer.
$1199Buy Now

Amerisleep AS4Four inches of pressure-relieving foam and a zoned support layer.
$1499Buy Now

No matter your preferred bed type, brand, or price range, it’s always smart to do your research. A new bed is a big purchase. So you want to review the details carefully before making a big commitment. During these types of events, you may find beds that look like a good deal on the outside. But their low quality and poor guarantees might soon leave you tossing and turning.

So exactly what should you be looking for? Before plunking down your credit card, always check the following:

  • Specifications of the bed.
  • Prices of similar beds from other retailers.
  • The retailer’s return policies, along with any exclusions or fees.
  • The bed’s warranty terms, as well as what the warranty covers. (And for how long.)
  • Consumer reviews. These aren’t a must, but they can be another source of helpful, unbiased information. Definitely check them out if you have time.

Use the power of reviews. Learn how consumer reviews can help you comparison shop.

How to Find the Best Labor Day Mattress Sale

more labor day mattress sale tips

Want to shop as savvy as possible? Here are some more pro tips. Keep them in mind, and you’ll be guaranteed to save big.

Start your search early.

No one wants to feel rushed while they shop. Especially when it comes to big purchases like a new bed. The lesson? Give yourself time to track down the promos and evaluate them. Getting started a week or two ahead of time should do the trick.

Decide on your budget and stick to it.

A great bed is certainly an investment in your health and wellbeing. (And a long-term one at that!) But you don’t want to spend more than you bargained for. If you find a mattress beyond your budget, many retailers offer financing options. Just be smart. Should you opt to finance your bed, be mindful of the payments and interest amounts.

Be a thorough investigator.

Not all offers are as great as they seem up front. Some may come with hidden costs or troublesome fine print. Take a look at the deals you’re considering. If you’re unsure about the terms, ask. This goes for Internet-based brands too. Many retailers have online chat support or phone numbers for shoppers. Take advantage of these resources.

If you feel pressured, walk away.

Sales people thrive on high-pressure situations. That’s why showroom negotiations can sometimes get tense. If you feel like you’re losing control in the conversation, just walk away and clear your head. You don’t have to buy into whatever the sales person is telling you.

Don’t buy the first thing you see.

It’s smarter to scope out a few options, even if that means taking a little extra time. Remember that most of these offers will run for several days. So give yourself some time to comparison shop. Just don’t wait too long. Otherwise you could end up missing out on the markdown.

Consider shopping online.

More and more shoppers are looking for their beds on the Internet. This might seem unusual if you’re used to walking through a showroom and trying models in person. But an online bed in a box can actually be a better choice. Online retailers tend to offer the lowest possible prices. Plus, you can shop on your own time without feeling pressured by pushy sales people. Best of all? Most online retailers have generous try-at-home policies. And they’ll pick up the bed for free if you decide it’s not the right fit.

Did You Find Your Next Bed?

You’ve looked through the offers and trends that are currently available. And you’ve racked up tips for how to shop smart and score a great price. Add it all up, and you’re ready to find a new bed during the holiday weekend.

Keep in mind that our list of offers is far from complete. We’ll be posting more info as new ads roll out. Bookmark this page and check back often for updates.

But if you’re looking to settle on a recommendation right now, we’d recommend considering Amerisleep. All of their beds—including AS2 and AS3—are widely loved. Plus, they’re being offered at $200 off over the holiday weekend! Considering their 100-night risk-free trial and easy return policy, you really can’t go wrong.

Of course, every shopper is different. Before buying, think about your needs and compare your options. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be sure to find a dream-worthy bed within your budget.

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