Find the Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Find the Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Find the Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Learn about reducing pressure points and how to find the best mattress for hip pain.

Find the Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Joints throughout the body, including hip sockets, are affected by the type of support our body receives when lying in bed. Traditional wisdom has dictated that the best mattress options for pain sufferers are firm mattresses; recently however, that ideology has changed as people realized one size doesn’t fit all.  When it comes to the best mattress for hip pain, shoppers have long had few options. Thanks to plush memory foam and latex mattresses there are comfortable alternatives available. These softer foams contour to the body while providing the support our bodies require to reduce pain.

Why Innersprings Aren’t the Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Traditional innerspring mattresses which feel soft enough to be comfortable simply aren’t capable of providing the necessary support for side sleepers. This popular position often creates pressure points in the hips, particularly for people who tend to stay in one position throughout the night. Much of the body’s weight is transferred to the hip area when sleeping on an innerspring mattress.

To compound the problem, innersprings don’t provide support for the parts of the body such as the waist, allowing it to sag and contort the spine. In addition to this, old, worn-out beds often sag exactly where the hips need support. The hips will dip into a soft spot, creating a curve in the spine, which is then countered in the upper portion of the back and neck, creating a secondary problem. Conversely, too firm of an innerspring mattress will create the opposite curve by holding the hips too high, causing the waist to dip. This not only contributes to hip pain, but also causes headaches and problems in the spine.

Alternative Mattresses Offer Better Comfort

Past generations of sufferers had very few alternatives available when looking for the best mattress for hip pain. They would attempt to stuff pillows under their waists to counter a bed that was too hard, or place a sheet of plywood under a worn-out mattress. These problems are similar to those encountered by Goldilocks, but fortunately we have better alternatives than she did. Life has dramatically improved for people who suffer from hip pain and related problems that result in a sleep loss. The latest lines of affordable plush memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses provide the soft support required to eliminate pressure points.

Places that bear the weight of our body’s when we sleep are considered pressure points. These areas are pressed deeper into the mattress, often creating aches and pains. Body mapping images are often used to illustrate how weight is distributed when lying in different positions. These graphics show why side sleepers will generally develop achy hip and shoulder joints. Since the best mattress for hip pain is one that supports the back while eliminating pressure on the hips, it’s no wonder innerspring and coil beds offer little relief.  Today’s plush memory foam and latex mattresses are offer a better alternative for anyone who wishes to eliminate aches and pains while getting a good night’s rest.

How to Find the Best Mattress for Hip Pain – Which Type is Best for Your Needs?

Plush memory foam provides a soft support that cradles and cushions the body in comfort, and is generally considered the best mattress for hip pain and pressure relief. It was developed by NASA to help astronauts withstand G forces and is used today by commercial pilots who must sit for extended periods. Memory foam’s elasticity allows it conform to the body, while providing luxurious support throughout the length of the body by evenly distributing weight. Its cell structure condenses when compressed, relaying the weight throughout the underlying structure, as it responds to weight and body temperature. Previous concerns regarding changes in density and trapping body heat have been virtually eliminated with the latest plush memory foams. In general the support level will remain nearly constant in temperatures that range from the mid-50s through the mid-80s, and there are also new hi-tech memory foams that negate the temperature factor all together. Full memory foam mattresses are preferable over toppers as they are thick enough to not “bottom-out”, exposing the body to the problems of the underlying support.

Latex mattresses are another option offering exceptional support for sufferers of hip pain. They can be purchased in natural latex, synthetic or blends and may be purchased with firmer or softer support under specific body areas. Side sleepers will appreciate the immense pressure relief as well as the possibility of improved circulation. Natural latex is derived from a renewable resource, rubber trees, which are tapped and allowed to continue to grow. They provide a springy support in soft through firm mattresses that is impossible to duplicate with any other material. The buoyant resilience offered by latex mattresses combined with a cell structure that improves air circulation to create a cooler sleep experience in warmer months and vice versa makes them the ideal choice for side sleepers.

To find the best mattress for hip pain, consumers should consider choosing between plush memory foam and latex mattresses.

5 thoughts on “Find the Best Mattress for Hip Pain

  1. Annette Maria Courts

    thanks so much for the information do you think if I put my memory foam mattress over top of the message that I have will that work

    1. Sleep Junkie Post author

      Massagers designed to go beneath mattresses or those in adjustable beds definitely work with memory foam mattresses as well. Thanks for reading!

  2. Terry Hanson

    Hello……..thank you for offering this information on mattresses on this website. I am a sidesleeper and I wake up every morning with hip and back pain. My matteress is only 4 years old but with my age of 60 and diabetic, I find that my mattress is killing me slowly every night. It takes me hours every morning to work out the pain of my nights sleep. I live in Ontario Canada and was curious to know what your top 3 picks would be for my situation, that I could buy in Ontario. Thanks for your time.

  3. Ann Howard

    I frequently suffer hip pain during the night preventing a restful nights sleep. I have a good quality medium sprung mattress, would a good quality memory foam mattress topper help?

  4. Barbara Taylor

    I added a 1.5 inch memory foam topper to my too firm mattress and find that helps. It’s not perfect but better.

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